Frequently Asked Questions

Expertise in crisis management is essential for all professionals with responsibility for visitor safety as well as destination image.

Why Choose TCMI’s Online Continuing Education Program in Tourism Crisis Management?

TCMI is the only tourism focused crisis management initiative in the world and has a team of seasoned professionals to facilitate the online training program. This program is offered ONLY at the University of Florida with its unique approach to blending current research with leaders who have planned and implemented crisis management for both tourism destinations and businesses. While other programs speak to general planning for all types of businesses, this is the only series targeted specifically to the tourism industry and its varied segments. By sector, the program content is clear, comprehensive, specific, and actionable.

Who Should Participate in the Online Program?

The online program is designed for senior leadership within tourism organizations, including current and aspiring GM’s and executive team members, as well as mid to senior-level management who wish to build skills related to crisis reduction, readiness, response, and recovery from nature- and human-induced disasters that affect their destination or business.

How Much Does Registration for the Online Program Cost?

The registration cost is $695 per individual.

How Long Will it Take to Complete the Online Program?

The program is 14 days from start to finish. Time investment includes online lectures, online discussion boards between peer groups, background readings, and assignments that will help to build your agency/organization’s tourism crisis management plan.¬†Participants can complete each module lecture and assignments at their leisure.

What are the Benefits of Participating in the Online Program?

  • Learn how your business/destination can better prepare for crisis events that affect tourism and general economic well-being.
  • Enable your business/destination to respond to eventual crises and protect guests, employees, and your business image/brand.
  • Enables quick recovery after a crisis.
  • Become networked to a group of industry professionals through shared learning that will build cooperation, best practice sharing, and assistance in times of crisis.
  • Learn specific and tangible processes to create or significantly improve your current plan.
  • A great developmental learning opportunity for leaders growing in the tourism industry.
  • Developing a comprehensive, detailed, and actionable tourism crisis management plan that will enable your business/destination to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a crisis event.